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That's a great photo!

“Great shot! What camera was that?"

It's not down to the camera you use.

I am sure you’ve heard this before, but contrary to popular belief, the camera doesn’t make the image. YOU do. You don’t need to upgrade your equipment just to run with the big dogs, and top-of-the-line gear isn’t carte blanche to the photographer’s Hall of Fame. So be proud to carry your favorite camera into the field. As long as you know what all the buttons do and have a grasp of fundamental principles, you’ve got everything you need to take an awesome photo—like the above shot, taken with a Canon M3, fixed 22mm lens, point-and-shoot.

Here are a few more I did.

This shot is with the official photographer taking a posed photo of the wedding couple.

Natural candid wedding photography by Chris J Parker, wedding photography in Teesside.

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