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I decided to be a photojournalist photographer when I was just 14 years of age. My dad bought me my first 35mm camera, an Olympus OM1, as he could see just how passionate I was. I have been taking and making photographs ever since. I started my photography career, after I left school at 18, working as an assistant to an advertising photographer Brian Phipps in London. I then moved on to become a freelance editorial photographer being commissioned by national newspapers and magazines. I began to build my reputation as a reliable photographer. I was constantly on the lookout for new styles of photography and which photographers were producing fresh images. I was then asked to photograph London Fashion Week for the New York Times to cover the catwalks shows, parties & events with staff reporter Michael Gross.  Michael also wrote features for the NYT and ask me to take the photography to illustrate his articles. These commissions became a regular event; it was great to see my photographs published in the paper knowing it was available in America as well as the UK. It was soon after that I was asked to photograph a wedding for Jim White, now works on the Telegraph as a Sports Journalist.  It was because I photographed in a documentary style which he and his wife to be, liked so much. To date, I have photographed 100's of weddings and enjoy very much doing so. Weddings are everything I love to photograph as they include fashion, parties and the documentary element of how I cover weddings and events. I am constantly looking for new styles of photography and every year there is a new trend or look which I use, modify and incorporate into my style of photography.

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